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January 24, 2019
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PROMISE KOFI KUMAKO: Global Eye Investigation Services

The firm of Global Eye Investigation Services (GEIS) has emerged as the most blazing source of investigative services in Ghana. Indeed, we cover the whole of the West African region through our redundant investigations and detective services and satisfying larger communities by offering innovation and perfection. Nowadays, our firm is recognized for having a maximum number of commitments delivered to protect the region.

In a very small span of time, just within the seven years of our foundation, we have attained a prestigious position and huge power in the industry due to our ethical values and set standards. This moment, we want to use to enlighten the whole hearted attempts by the key person of our organization Mr. PROMISE KOFI KUMAKO, who is presently working as the Chief Executive Officer of company. It is especially due to his talent and skills, which he acquired through his dedicated and sincere services for legal or investigative works. The sincere studies on private investigations in the Global School of Investigation, America, has definitely honed his skills and outshined his caliber and enhanced his competency to command the company.

He has been so instrumental throughout his career and utilized his ideas, concepts and foresights for edifying the vision of his professionals and inspiring them to conduct highly oriented investigations in prime categories. Today, the team of Global Eye Investigation is fully geared up to offer extensive service in almost every sphere. The People living in West African countries surely be taking the good use of opportunities to protect their businesses from inevitable corporate risks.

At present, Global Eye Investigation Services has risen to become one of the modern firms, of present time, which is well equipped with latest tools and techniques to deal with corporate frauds. We are diligently moving ahead in our aims to support the West African firms. We have been imparting perfect corporate investigation services involving due diligence processes, corporate profiling or record research, corporate thefts/employee theft and much more.

Today, we are collectively using our resources to impart diverse processes on different portfolios, which include Background Checks, Surveillance, Employee Screening, Document Verification, Undercover Investigations, Fraud Prevention and Detection Training, Skip-Tracing, Security Awareness Training, Pretext, Criminal and Civil Investigations, Matrimonial Investigations, Investigative Training, Interviewing and Interrogation, Research Experts, Hospital Security, Shop Detective, Insurance Investigators, Industrial Investigators, Shop Lifting, Service checkers, Competitive Intelligence, Etc. Presently, we are affiliated to Global International Detectives Association for effective supports. We cover all the areas of corporate investigation and some of the major services are as below:

• Corporate Background Checks
• Fraud Prevention Detection
• Corporate Due diligence
• Corporate record research
• Corporate litigation support

Contact Information
Other Location: House #6 Gborbukoo Street, Batsonaa Nungua, Post Box OS2849, Osu
Phone: 0303931786

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